Go check out the rest of this short story I drew earlier this year at http://fanbros.com/make-it-there/. It’s part of an anthology called Fearless Future with some really great artists and writers involved. Make It There was written by Sebastian Girner (https://twitter.com/SGirner) with colors by Ruth Redmond  (http://ruthredmond.tumblr.com/), letters by David C. Hopkins (http://dchopkins89.tumblr.com/) and edited by Chris Robinson (https://twitter.com/chrisrobinson)

Still offering commissions! Money is super tight right now and I’m always open to draw things for people.

The options are numerous!

$7 - Sketches

$20 - Finished Pencil Drawing

$40 - Digitally Inked Illustration

$60 - Color Illustration

Each of these options would be printed(if needed) mailed to whatever destination you want. 

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! I’m also willing to do cool fun things like tumblr icons (or any website for that matter), GIFs, comic pages, etc! You want it, I’ll probably illustrate it. 

Salutations! Anybody want some art? I’m always available for commissions. Money is extraordinarily tight right now(although…really, when isn’t it?). So in exchange for some measly pieces of coin, you could have a completely original piece of KENDALL GOODE ARTISTIC MASTERPIECE. Or some scribbly doodle, if that’s what you’re interested. Just send me some electronic mail and let me know what you want me to art.

Spread the word. Tell your relatives, friends, acquaintances, pets, and strangers.